Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2
Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2: ALT Balaji is one of the most famous and attractive streaming sites that offer some innovative and bizarre web shows. The OTT platform began to gain fame from Gandai Bait, one of the boldest web shows. The streaming site never stops after that and back-to-back a highly lucrative web series and gain a huge fan base through the same. hubflix, HDMovies

Now, the show has been released in the second season of its most exciting drama Bikabu. It was scheduled for its digital release on 15 March 2021. It comes with a total of 10 episodes and is available to key members of all streaming sites.

In addition, the sequel is taking forward the story of the first season. But this time the level of madness is at its peak and the audience is going to be thrilled with the show’s breathtaking and breathtaking plot. Audiences are responding appropriately and critics do the same. The series received an approval rating of 7.1 out of 10 from 1,195 reviews. In the seasons of the show, Bith emerged as a great entertainer. Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

Also, the first season of the show was released a few years back in the month of May. It revolves around 10 episodes totaling Kian Roy, Anisha, and Kashi. Well, Qian is a bestselling erotic novel that gives him a wonderful life. But deep down he craves a strange and completely different kind of fantasy and all this will be met by Kashi, a strong-headed and bold girl who loves to risk life by having a physical relationship with Kian. is. Things completely changed when Qian broke up with Anisha. Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

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Bekaboo Season 2 is directed by Rambh M Singh and produced by Afan Amrohi and Mishrakshi Jain. The show has been edited by Jayant Verma and the cinematography of the show has been done by Arjun Sote. The music is composed by Upamanyu Bhanot and Akul Tandon. The show has been written by Vaibhav Modi and Initial M Singh. Bekaaboo Alt Balaji Web series season 2

In Bekabu Season 2, with Priya Banerjee as Kashi, Rajiv Siddharth as Kian, and Madhusuna Upadhyay in lead roles, Jitendra Heerawat, Anandita, and Trishna Mukherjee are seen in pivotal roles. Huh. Get all the episodes of the show on Alt Balaji and experience a highly intriguing and captivating plot. Keep up with the social telecast for more information and all the latest updates on the Bekaaboo season 2 review.


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