Google drive links WhatsApp Group

Google drive links WhatsApp Group
Google drive links WhatsApp Group

Google drive links WhatsApp Group: Google drive is a storage device and is mainly used for synchronization which is designed and developed by google drive in the year 2012. Google drive links WhatsApp Group

Google provides the source for users to store their valuable kinds of stuff at google drive google provides free 15GB of storage. Google drive links WhatsApp Group

The drives are used by every google user for sharing large data files that can’t be shared through email or other sources. Google drive links WhatsApp Group

how do I log in to google drive?

Google drive links WhatsApp Group: Before you log in to google drive you should be a google user to log in to google drive. You can directly login to google drive through

If you have a Gmail account you can log in to your Gmail account. Once you log in to the Gmail account you will find 9dots placed on the top right-hand side of your Gmail account. Google drive links WhatsApp Group

Google drive links WhatsApp Group: Once you click on “dots” you will get a drive option click on the drive and get the required tools as per your requirements.

What features do I get from Google?

  • New Drives
  • Shared With me
  • Recent
  • Starred
  • Trash
  • backups
  • storage


  • File Upload
  • Folder Upload


  • Docs
  • Sheet
  • Slider
  • Form
  • Drawing
  • My Maps
  • Sites
  • Jamboard

Google drive links to WhatsApp Group

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is the Google suite word-processing program wont to create, edit, and share documents online. you’ll also use Google Docs to collaborate with friends or colleagues and assign tasks so collaborators know what must be wiped out from certain documents.

Google drive links WhatsApp Group: Assigning a task, or “action item,” in Google Docs is straightforward and may be wiped out in two alternative ways. a method requires nothing quite typing the task directly into the document itself, while the opposite way utilizes comments.

What is a Google spreadsheet?

Google spreadsheet is similar to excel. in excel you can share it with multiple people but you will not be able to track the work in real-time.

Google spreadsheet gives you an option to track real-time what is the progress of the task which you have assigned.

you can create your own sheet and share it, with multiple people, you have an option to give comment access and view access to people whom you don’t want them to work upon.

Google drive links to WhatsApp Group

What is a Google slider?

The slider is similar to PowerPoint which is used to make PPT for your project for free, You need to pay for any license as you do to purchase an Excel activation code.

What is Google Form?

A form is used for taking surveys and taking particular information that you required. this is mainly used for taking customers, vendors’ feedback, etc.

What is Google Drawing?

I need not give you the insides of this drawing it self defines its used for drawing.

What is Google My Maps?

This feature is not used by many users, this is mainly used in the logistics and food delivery process wherein they can track the targeted audience for which all locations have they reached. they can tag a flag depending on tier locations.

What are Google Sites?

In google sites, you can create a page of a site. This is mainly used for affiliate marking and selling affiliated products.


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