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PUBG Whatsapp Group Links 2019 Join 500+ Whatsapp Groups
PUBG Whatsapp Group Links 2019 Join 500+ Whatsapp Groups

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links | Pubg Whatsapp Group Link: PUBG Mobile is now the revenue leader among battle royale games on mobile, market research firm Sensor Tower said today. Much of its surge has come since February, and China plays a significant role in it.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: Publisher Tencent Games released PUBG Mobile in China two months ago, rebranding it as Game for Peace. And in July, player spending reached $167 million for the past 12 months, which is a 748% increase year-over-year.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links

This makes the PUBG the No. 1 game in terms of revenue for three months in a row, according to Sensor Tower’s findings (which don’t include Fortnite on Android since it’s not in Google Play and excludes the myriad Android stores in China).

PUBG Mobile is free-to-play but makes money off in-app transactions as progression passes.

“China is the major driver of this growth — it has contributed almost 30% of the game’s all-time total in just two months,” Sensor Tower cofounder Alex Malafeev said over email. “That said, even with China out of the picture, the game has still grown its revenue nearly 310% year-over-year as of last month, or more than [four times].”

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: Game of Peace (aka PUBG Mobile) has brought in about $241 million over the past 60 days, or about 28% of the estimated $860 it has grossed to date worldwide. Its total revenue has put it ahead of Epic Games’ Fortnite and Knives Out from NetEase.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links

The title’s total revenue since launch now places it ahead of Fortnite and Knives Out, which have grossed $725 million and $771 million, respectively, compared to PUBG Mobile’s $860 million. Fortnite’s revenue is inclusive of iOS only, as the title is not available through Google Play.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: But it’s not all about growth from China. The U.S. is also throwing money at PUBG Mobile, where Sensor Tower says revenue has grown 565% year-over-year, to $32 million last month. PUBG Mobile/Game for Peace’s revenue last month was almost five times greater than its two closest battle royale competitors: Fortnite and Knives Out.

“Outside of China, the game has been experiencing growing popularity in the U.S. and South East Asia. Tencent has also done an excellent job of keeping the title fresh with new content at a steady pace, while its season passes have been delivering on a consistent basis,” Malafeev said. “Also, if you really look back, the current state of the game is so much more refined and enjoyable than it was at launch.”

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: Additionally, PUBG Mobile has a new Lite version out in certain regions. It’s less taxing on the hardware and networks thanks to smaller download size and lower RAM requirements, which means battle royale fans with older smartphones can play it.

Which could boost PUBG Mobile’s earnings even more next month?

‘PUBG’ Update 1.18 Fixes Crashing & Bugs On PS4 & Xbox

1000+ PUBG Whatsapp Group Links | Pubg Whatsapp Group Link: PUBG just received a hotfix update on the console, and it doesn’t do much. Dubbed version 1.18 on PS4, the small patch fixes crash introduced by the major-version update at the end of July. The update news was first reported by the PUBG Support Twitter account on Wednesday morning.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: PUBG just received a hotfix update on the console, and it doesn’t do much. Dubbed version 1.18 on PS4, the small patch fixes crash introduced by the major-version update at the end of July. The update news was first reported by the PUBG Support Twitter account on Wednesday morning.

“A hotfix will be applied to resolve instances of game crashing caused by weapon charms and rendering issues,” the source tweet reads.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links | Pubg Whatsapp Group Link: Reports of crashes on the latest console version of PUBG surfaced days after the 1.18 update released last Tuesday. Several threads on the game’s official subreddit reported multiple crashes per day in lobbies and in-match gameplay. The instances occurred regardless of lobby capacity. PUBG Corp support staff had announced by Friday that “crashing issues are being investigated.” Today’s hotfix is the end result of those efforts.

Arriving so shortly after a major-version patch, this small update does not contain any critical features or gameplay enhancements. The prior patch, however, brought the BRDM-2 vehicle, Deagle and ledge grab mechanics to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. These new console additions first made their way to PC in mid-June. PUBG Corp has often been a bit slow with regard to its console support, but it’s encouraging to see these crash reports resolved somewhat quickly.

PUBG is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and mobile

What are your thoughts on the latest update for PUBG on the console? Are you still experiencing crashes? Tell us in the comments section!

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: While maybe not the first battle royale game, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds managed to kick a genre land grab in the aftermath of its hugely successful look on Personal Computer in 2017. Ever since then, Fortnite has surpassed with regards to raw recognition, and every programmer and his dog has attempted to shoehorn a battle royale mode inside their online shooter.

Close to 2 years in the making, PUBGs coming on PlayStation 4 finally raises one massive query though: has it overlooked the battle royale ship with the PlayStation faithful? One hundred players, 3 massive maps to explore, and a gradually shrinking circle forcing players into raising frantic fights.

PUBG Mobile The King Of Battle Royale – WhatsApp Group Links

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: There’s much more to be said concerning the assumption in the center of PUBG since there’s a superb possibility you will have Analyzed the battle royale oceans before, be it in Fortnite, H1Z1, or precisely the Blackout mode from the last Call of Duty. Consequently, whether you’ll be on board will mostly depend on where the tastes fall on precisely the battle royale spectrum.

That’s a strategic shooter through and thru with everything about it made to ground the experience just as far as possible. This is most evident from the ballistic modeling which makes shooting and moving at the same time with its assortment of modern weaponry a mostly futile affair unless it’s in an extremely short assortment that’s.

Consequently, engagements can become a tense battle of wills as you or your opponents vie for a better firing positioning and try to outflank each other.

1000+ PUBG Whatsapp Group Links | Pubg Whatsapp Group Link

Shooting at medium or long assortment also requires you to become proficient in driving your target, and using very little feedback as to when you have landed a successful shot you may just be capable of making out a blood spray from precisely the impact point implies that whenever you do pull out a kill shot its immensely satisfying.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: You won’t have your very own way all of precisely the time, though, and for every tense back and forth gunfight, you will probably be unceremoniously gunned down without getting off a shot a few times this will especially the case if you are spending quite of your time playing solo as opposed to in precisely the duo or squad matches where you will have teammates also keeping an eye out for trouble.

PUBG WhatsApp Group Links | PubG WhatsApp Group Link

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While getting shot does not result in a swift death all of the time, the fact it can take a few seconds while remaining stationary to use any one of the lifesaving consumables many of that will only heal you back up to seventy-five percent of your total health implies that dishing out or taking harm is cause for either celebration or despair.

Pubg Whatsapp Group Link

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links: This fragility and also the rate at which the circle is closed ends up building each match extremely tense, and you will continuously be at war using yourself as you try to keep upon precisely the move so that you can stay inside precisely the circle’s safe area, while also staying in search of a good hole up position so that you can be ready for when precisely the unavoidable gunfights kick-off.

PubG now becomes the most popular game all over the globe, everyday million’s of people join the game, Pubg is grown like a fire in the market, Currently, there is no Game that you can compare with.

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The Rule’s to join the PUBG Group

  • Respect everyone in the group
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  • Can’t abuse anyone in the group’s
  • Adult images are not allowed
  • Video calls are not allowed

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PUBG Mobile The King Of Battle Royale

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